Maximize every moment and create a life of achievement, adventure and authenticity



My life goal is to maximize every moment and to create a life of achievement, adventure and authenticity. Nothing makes me happier than to help my clients to succeed, maximize their impact, and find what brings them joy. I am drawn to people with relentless ambition who are working to bring their career to the next level. I help entrepreneurs in 4 ways: one-on-one consulting, conference speeches, tailored retreats and a weekly newsletter.

I am Ann Hiatt, a leadership strategist.


How to Innovate While in the Spotlight

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I thrive on helping ambitious people at any stage of their career to increase their impact and achieve their wildest dreams.  I value being the mentor you always wished you had for the key decision points in your life and career. 

What is your purpose?


What is your mindset?

The Learning Mindset helps you focus on the value of learning over perfect performance. In this mental space you are willing to take risks and possibly fail because you value the lessons you would learn through the experience more than how others might evaluate you externally.


Who is your tribe?

No one has ever been truly successful when walking alone. The purest form of humility in a leader is exhibited when she or he seeks out and listens to all the voices in the room - especially those with alternative perspectives. 

I value sharing the lessons I’ve learned from Silicon Valley giants with global audiences. I am a sought-after international speaker and have spoken at conferences across 5 continents. I particularly value speaking to entrepreneurs to help give them an edge in competitive global business and to forward my mission to democratize the internet and bringing underrepresented voices to the forefront.

Keynote lessons from the Silicon Valley and beyond

- Chris Thurling, Executive Chairman, Armadillo

“Ann Hiatt has had a large impact on Armadillo since joining our Board of Directors as the Non-Executive Director in October 2018. Internally, Ann has helped us dissect our growth plan for the company and set up internal strategies for employee accountability and delivery of goals as well as an increased executive effectiveness. Externally Ann has represented Armadillo at several conferences, media interviews and hosting community events which has expanded our network and reputation.”

-Dr. Jochen Wallisch, Siemens AG

“Ann Hiatt's keynote speech at our Siemens training event brought together her 15 years of experience, memorable stories and key business insights from Silicon Valley and interpreted these lessons for our participants. Every attendee left the conference with enthusiasm and actionable steps to increase their impact. The group was highly satisfied about her talk so that we immediately booked her to return in a few months. We look forward to our cooperation in the future!”