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This podcast is dedicated to my fellow entrepreneurs, whether in heart, or already in the midst of daily startup struggles, who need to hear a perspective on greatness which you won't find anywhere else. I am going to help you fast track your success by hearing the habits and tips of the super performers so that you can lead with confidence and realize your most audacious dreams. 

Each episode will lay out replicable steps you can implement today. This podcast won't waste your time. It will explore the commonalities among champions of every possible industry. I will interview the most respected leaders in technology, media, professional sports, Hollywood, academics, the arts and more. These conversations will give you unprecedented access into what they learned from both the highs and the lows of their careers and will break down their formulas for greatness. I will also supplement these interviews with summaries and steps to recreate these patterns for achievement in your own life and career. 

So why did I decide to start this podcast now? The pandemic of 2020 has given me the opportunity to help my global consulting clients across four continents who are all experiencing massive pivots, moments of crisis and self doubt and steer them towards reclaiming their power and coming out on the other side of crisis to an even stronger competitive position than they were in before. I've also felt the weight in not having enough hours in the day to actually help everyone who has asked for it. This podcast is my way of reaching as many people as possible and creating opportunities for you when the options appear bleek or limited. 

You don't need to be a celebrity CEO to deserve joy in your work life. I am a firm believer in the idea that your job should give as much to you as you give to it. That means more learning, more recognition, to stop being overlooked for promotion or investment and to seize opportunities where others only see limitations. I feel grateful for the CEOs who have taken a chance on me and given me opportunities to learn and stretch beyond where I thought my limits lied. This podcast is my way of paying that forward as far as possible through YOUR applifying the ripple effect. 

With this podcast we're going to explore all the tools you need to reach your highest potential and have a blast doing so! Let's bring some joy and control back! 

Recent Episodes

Today’s podcast guest is Steven Levy, who the Washington post has referred to as “America’s premier technology journalist”. Levy has been covering the digital revolution for over 35 years. He is currently Editor at Large at Wired magazine, where he was one of its founding writers.

During the height of the internet boom, he was the columnist and chief technology correspondent for Newsweek. He also wrote columns for Rolling Stone and Macworld. He’s pretty much lived the real life version of Almost Famous - have you seen that movie? It’s one of my favorites!

Steven Levy’s new book, Facebook: The Inside Story, is the definitive story—written with unprecedented access-- of the company that connected the world and reaped the consequences. (read more)

#004 Steven levy, author & journalist - creating your own luck

It’s been a challenge summarising this incredible episode, but here’s my attempt. If you haven’t listened to the full episode yet, make sure to go back and listen to make sure you don’t miss any of the gold Steven gave us.

 In the episode, we covered the full spectrum of Steven’s career, from his university studies all the way through to where he is now, as editor at large at Wired. There’s been some important pivot moment that he definitely created for himself, that might not have been how he had originally saw it. He was thoughtful about all the decisions he’s made.

To simplify the journey, he started college studying literature, then in his grad studies went into more depth in his subject, where he then took a creative writing course as a pivot and (read more)

#004b Summary episode - creating your own luck with Steven levy

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This week on the Bet On Yourself Podcast I am talking with Brent Hoberman. Brent is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Founders Factory (a corporate-backed venture studio and accelerator), as well as The Founders Forum (a global community of founders and tech leaders), and firstminute capital (a $210m seed fund with global remit, backed by Atomico, Tencent and over 70 unicorn founders). Previously, Brent co-founded in 1998, where he was CEO from its inception to sale in 2005 to Sabre for $1.1bn. He is truly one of the internet’s original unicorns.

Technology businesses Brent has co-founded have raised over $800 million. The list is extensive and includes companies which support global entrepreneurs such as PROfounders Capital, Founders Intelligence (an entrepreneur-powered consultancy), accelerateHER (a network taking action to change the underrepresentation of women in technology), (read more)

#005 Brent hoberman, co-founder & executive chairman

The chat with Brent was so full of wisdom and best practices, useful for people at any stage in their career, but particularly for those at the start of their career.

Something that really stood out from our conversation was how Brent emphasised how his early career success came down to starting at a place where he was paid to learn. This as well as the following, were some of the key take aways:

    * Centred work around his passions and remains exciting

    * Early stage learning as much as possible

    * Knowing when is the right time to launch (not too early or too late)

    * Choosing the right co-founder (Martha was smart, analytical and a talent magnet) right (read more)

#005b summary episode - entrepreneurship with brent hoberman

Martha Lane Fox is a British entrepreneur, philanthropist, internet activist and public servant.

In this episode we cover topics like Serendipity and The Triple Bottom Line, as well as how the Digital World, like many of us, is having a midlife crisis and what we can do to increase our chances of coming out the other side better off for it.

Martha knows because she has experienced this rollercoaster a few times over in her career.

In 1998 Martha co-founded Europe’s largest travel and leisure website, with Brent Hoberman. They took it public in 2000 and sold it in 2005 in a historically successful exit (read more)

#006 martha lane fox, entrepreneur, public servant and internet activist - serndipity