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Frequently Asked Questions

I love my work because I believe strongly in having a lot of fun while doing hard things. I think one thing that sets me apart is my capacity to process a lot of information at once and immediately transform it to a prioritized list of action items. I work very well under pressure with a smile and sense of humor. I am a chameleon who adapts easily to different environments and thrive on challenges.

I think what you are doing is really important and I'd love to help when possible. I like to pair charitable work with my other client work for additional impact - especially if I'm already in your city for another project. Please fill out the contact form and I'll be happy to discuss your particular needs and send you my terms sheet. I do as much as I can to volunteer my skills to those serving their community. Let's talk! 

Nope. I respect their established processes for connecting with these executives and companies and encourage you to go through the normal channels. I wish you the absolute best in your work! I'm rooting for you! 

I respect the privacy of my clients but many have kindly offered testimonials of our work together. I have worked with/for global companies such as Amazon (Seattle), Google (California), Telefonica Alpha (Barcelona), Siemens (Munich) Under Armour (Balitmore) in addition to scale-ups like Plenty (California) and Armadillo (Bristol) and professional athletes such as Divock Origi (Liverpool). 

I am based in the Alicante region of Spain on the Mediterranean coast. I travel regularly for client work and love the balance of jet setting around the world and then returning to tranquility at home. I also welcome clients who prefer to travel to Spain for sessions and enjoy what got me, a Silicon Valley girl, to move my life to the other side of the world. I think you'll love it too. 

My general themes are about lessons learned in Silicon Valley which can help transform your business and career regardless of your industry or growth stage. My most popular speeches include: 

• Lessons in Innovation from Silicon Valley Elite
• How Silicon Valley Thinks
• Innovation and Learning While in the Spotlight
• Managing Up: How to Level-Up and Stop Being Overlooked for Promotion

My audiences are highly ambitious people who want to improve their leadership skills, gain respect and stop being overlooked and reverse engineer their wildest dreams into manageable steps. While most of my audiences tend to be executives and scale-up entrepreneurs these messages resonate with anyone from university students through Fortune 500 CEOs.

My executive coaching is specifically tailored to each client's goals, needs and growth stage. This is why I only take 5 clients at a time to ensure maximum impact from tailored content and quality time spent together and with their organizations. The common themes across these clients are: 

• How to Lead With Confidence While Dealing with Ambiguity
• How to Align Your Organization Around Central Goals for Rapid Growth and Maximum Impact
• How to Hire for Creativity, Innovation and Ambition in Your Workforce
• How to Create a Mission/Value based Corporate Culture
• How to Scale in Periods of Rapid Growth

I have always been fascinated by high performing people from all fields. I enjoy writing about their common qualities, mentality, focus and drive which is applicable to everyday people wanting to achieve something of greatness. I am also passionate about diversifying the internet and bringing underrepresented people to the forefront. 

At the moment I am writing my first book for HarperCollins Leadership. I also write content on business, careers and the future of technology for digital publications. I welcome opportunities to collaborate! 

These retreats follow the format I have designed and implemented for CEOs, Heads of State, Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes for the last decade. We discuss topics such as: 

• The secrets of how Silicon Valley executives think, act and implement
• Maximizing your impact through curating your tribe
• Transitioning to a Moonshot Mindset to accomplish your biggest goals
• Design a listening tour in your organization and externally for opportunities to innovate and pivot
• Using Pareto's Principle (or 80/20 rule) to refocus your time and tasks so you can work smarter not harder

Each thinking retreat is unique and specifically tailored to the goals of each group. Some come as a complete executive team with a specific mission or problem in mind and others are groups of like-minded entrepreneurs from various industries in similar growth stages who want to scale up and stop feeling so lonely at the top.

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