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This week on the podcast, I’m reflecting on last weeks conversation with Christina Sass, the co-founder of Andela. But before founding this company, she really worked her way to the top, she’s the true embodiment of all the qualities of Bet On Yourself. Want to hear about her career path? Tune in to the full episode. 

One of the topics we touched on is intrapreneurialism, when you have an entrepreneurial approach to a traditional job and seek out opportunities to stretch yourself beyond your job description. 

I loved the story Christina told about her time at the CGI, where she proactively sent a long email with recommendations on improvements they could make on one of their biggest events to make it more successful, and how this got her the attention of President Clinton himself. 

A theme that came up throughout the podcast, and throughout Christina’s career, was creating opportunities and opening doors for yourself, that wouldn’t necessarily be there without those extra efforts. This really resonated with me. 

We also discussed the winning formula they’ve created at Andela culture, talent and data-driven decisions, combined with psychological safety. This creates a purposeful environment with passion aligned employees. 

Your job should give to you as much as you give to it! 

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Co-founder of Andela

Christina Sass is the Co-Founder of Andela, which scales high-performing engineering teams by investing in Africa’s most talented software developers. In five years, Andela has hired over 2000 developers and become known as the "Best Place to Work in Africa," with tech campuses in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Egypt. 
Andela developers work as full-time engineers with companies ranging from the Fortune 500 like Viacom and Microsoft to high-growth startups like Cloudflare and GitHub. 

Prior to founding Andela, Sass served as senior advisor to the president and CEO of the MasterCard Foundation, a global, private foundation with over 30 billion in assets working to advance youth employment across 10 countries in Africa. During her three years directing the Program Department at the Clinton Global Initiative, she worked closely with President Clinton's office to create and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. In her early career, Sass built education and employment programs in China, the Middle East, East Africa, and in her home state of Georgia. 

Summary Episode of #007 with Christina Sass