- Chris Thurling, Executive Chairman, Armadillo

“Ann Hiatt has had a large impact on Armadillo since joining our Board of Directors as the Non-Executive Director in October 2018. Internally, Ann has helped us dissect our growth plan for the company and set up internal strategies for employee accountability and delivery of goals as well as an increased executive effectiveness. Externally Ann has represented Armadillo at several conferences, media interviews and hosting community events which has expanded our network and reputation. Not only is she very capable and brings with her a unique lense from her years partnering with top Silicon Valley executives but she also brings with her unparalleled enthusiasm for her work that makes her not only effective but a joy to work with.”

“Ann Hiatt's keynote speech at our Siemens training event brought together her 15 years of experience, memorable stories and key business insights from Silicon Valley and interpreted these lessons for our participants. Every attendee left the conference with enthusiasm and actionable steps to increase their impact. The group was highly satisfied about her talk so that we immediately booked her to return in a few months. We look forward to our cooperation in the future!”


- Matt Barnard, CEO of Plenty

“Ann Hiatt has been an advisor and friend to Plenty since our earliest growth stages. She has not only advised me, as the CEO, but also our entire senior management team. Ann brings with her an unparalleled expertise on how to maximize executive efficiency through building the right support team and senior management structure. She is also extremely well connected and has offered her rolodex at critical moments for active problem solving.  She has helped us manage early, rapid growth stages and the challenges of managing a team across multiple locations and critical launch goals.  I appreciate her expertise and industry knowledge as well as her sense of humor and unflappable calm even under extreme pressure.”

“As a professional football player I am comfortable with big dreams, high standards and a strong work ethic. Ann Hiatt has been the ideal advisor with whom I wanted to partner because of those shared values. Ann has translated her business experiences from working in Silicon Valley into my world as a professional athlete and given me a huge professional advantage by helping shape my vision for success.”

- Divock Origi, forward for Liverpool and the Belgium national team

 Armadillo (Non-Executive Director of the Board - Bristol, UK)

Plenty (Advisor to CEO - San Francisco, USA)
Invstr (Board Advisor - London, UK)

Divock Origi (Liverpool Football Club, Forward)

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